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Marco Polo, 63, Ambasciatore @ test Exposé, Venezia

Nazione: Italia, Lingua: Italiano
Offro: mercante, ambasciatore, viaggiatore, Repubblica di Venezia, uno grandi esploratori
Marco Polo @ test Exposé, Venezia

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Marco Polo - In the year 1271 Marco Polo, age 17, set out from Venice with his father and ...
Mar 11  +
Marco Polo @ Venezia
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Marco Polo @ Venezia
Mar 11  +
Marco Polo - The whole documentary was based on proving critics of Marco Polo ...
Mar 11  +

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The Travels of Marco Polo - Complete [Illustrated]

von Marco Polo, MacMay, 2008
amazon.com 31.03.11  +  

Marco Polo - Catholic Encyclopedia

Extensive biography of Marco Polo, the Venetian trader whose account of a trip to China from 1271 to 1296 inspired Europeans of his time and influenced later voyages of discovery.
newadvent.org 31.03.11  +  

HowStuffWorks "Who was Marco Polo?"

Marco Polo was an 11th-century Italian explorer responsible for bringing information about China to Europe. Read about Marco Polo and his biography.
history.howstuffworks.com 31.03.11  +  

Who is Marco Polo?

Born in a family of traders, Marco Polo grew up hearing family stories of travel and adventures. ... It was Marco Polo's father who first traveled the famous China's Silk Road. ...
wisegeek.com 31.03.11  +  

Marco Polo's Asia

Chinese history paper on Marco Polo and his adventures in Asia.
tk421.net 31.03.11  +  

On the trail of Marco Polo - Wikitravel

Marco Polo was a Venetian traveler who went far to the East, following some of the many branches of the Silk Road. He left in 1271 and returned about 1295. ...
wikitravel.org 31.03.11  +  

Electronic Passport to Marco Polo

Marco Polo's adventure to China eventually became one of the most important books in history. Read about Marco Polo in the Electron Passport at www.mrdowling.com.
mrdowling.com 31.03.11  +  


Marco Polo was a Venetian (Italian) explorer who travelled through Central Asia and China. ... Marco Polo became famous for his travels through Central Asia and China. ...
yesnet.yk.ca 31.03.11  +  

Marco Polo

Legend says that Marco Polo did not know where he was going when he first set out on his travels- hence the game's name. from the book Pickle, Pepper and Tip-in too. ...
gameskidsplay.net 31.03.11  +  

Marco Polo - home page

Tracing Marco Polo's connection to the ancient Croatian city of Korcula.
korcula.net 31.03.11  +  

Marco Polo

Go to this site providing a short biography of Marco Polo. Fast facts and interesting information about Marco Polo.Learn about the history of Marco Polo of England.
middle-ages.org.uk 31.03.11  +  

Did Marco Polo Go to China?

01.01.1970: by Frances Wood is an interesting scholarly work on Marco Polo, a charlatan - perhaps- of his time. And an informative read on China and trade. ...
groups.google.com 31.03.11  +  

Did Marco Polo lie?

01.01.1970: Marco Polo, it is claimed, was only an unimportant business-man who may have visited Constantinople and other trading-ports along the Black Sea. ...
groups.google.com 31.03.11  +  

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Marco Polo @ Venezia

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